Christmas Poster

My original thought for this poster was do do something involving fences until I saw all the Christmas decoration around my house and school and decided to change my mind. For this project I used Lightroom to edit the colors of my pictures and then I went to Photoshop to cut myself and the tree out to put together.

ATPI enteries

I entered this photo in the nature category and I think it looks cool because one of them is in focus and the other isn't but it still looks nice.

I entered this photo in the architechture category and I really like the colors and how it looks through the fence.

I entered this photo in the animal category and I thought the spider and the web under it looked really cool. I also like the yellow and black on the spider.

I entered this photo in open and this is one of my favorite pictures just because of the bird and the moon, it all fits together.

I entered this photo in nature and I love the colors and how it's a darker pink in the middle.

I entered this photo in open and I really like how the rocks look behind the fence thing, I also like how the rock colors look nice with the rusted dark brown.

I entered this photo in nature and I thought it was cool how the bee was just hanging there and I also like all the nice bright colors.

I entered this photo in architecture and I reall…

Last sophomore blog

Being in photography allowed me to do what I really enjoy, taking pictures of unique things that interest me and other people.  I learned not only how to take great pictures but also how to edit them to be even better. I learned many skills with the camera and the computer. Iv'e learned simple things like how to use shutter speed to following difficult steps in photoshop with small details. My advice for next year's photographers is to take pictures of different things not just what you see other people taking. Also try different angles don't just stand in one position to the a picture because angles and lighting really do matter.
 Taking these pictures we had to use shutter speed and I dd not no what to expect so when I saw how the picture turned out I was really surprised.

 With these pictures I also had to use shutter speed because the bubble would pop quickly but I really liked how the picture turned out because of the colors. For the colors to look like this  had to …

Color painting project

I really liked this project because after mixing the colors I loved the results. I also like that we were able to use our own pictures filled with colors.

Stained glass bird project

This project taught me how to use different kinds of brushes and how to mis the colors. The hardest part of this project was trying to add your own color to the bird for details.

Composite Project

Editing the picture like this somewhat difficult we really had to know what we were doing but overall it had a cool effect 

Macro project

I really like using the macro and I love the kind of pictures it takes. Although sometimes it was hard to get it to focus it was all worth the wait.